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Bringing the Academy to Learners' Doorsteps

In the wake of COVID’s global impact, there are ongoing conversations that place a heavy emphasis on safety, accessibility, and a need to rethink traditional systems around work, shared public spaces, and even education.

As an institution that embraces emerging tech, our last few months found us wrestling with the question: how can we better support students on their IT career journey?

#DivergenceUnpacking: Serving Learners 2020-style

Divergence Unpacking 01When we started 2020, we kicked off with a brand-new facility, ‘teched-out’ full on-site classrooms, and an expectation to host our learners seven days a week.

However, as it became clear that circumstances were changing in response to social distancing measures, it was critical for us to adapt and still continue to serve our learners.

This pivot meant developing a logistical process that was predictable, reliable, and replicable; and which would require us to refine our admissions and onboarding process for studentsand explore a spin on the “unboxing” experience to address access to resources and materials.

Our priorities were clear-cut: the new system needed to be flexible in supporting individual needs and learning preferences.

This meant that student texts from CompTIA or Microsoft would need to be available in both print and eBook formats, as some learners may have device limitations while learning-from-home.

Inquiry, Engagement, Admissions

Divergence Unpacking 02Like many other learning institutions, the admissions process at Divergence Academy begins with the necessary paperwork.

Prospective students inquire after classes via email or phone. From there, interactions with our admissions team can span months, as these touchpoints are crucial to help us learn more about the different expectations and possible enrollment timelines.

Finally, once the learner has decided to pursue enrollment, the official admissions process begins. At this stage, we gain more insight into their individual backgrounds, what IT roles interest them, as well as their preferred means of receiving their class materials.


Counting down to Day One

Behind the scenes, our logistics team runs point on organizing, shipping, and replenishing our inventory. It’s more than making sure that each Divergence-branded box is shipped off to the correct address; it’s about building on a sense of anticipation in our learners’ overall class experience.

Divergence Unpacking 03b

Shipment typically occurs ten days before the first day of class—a measure set both to avoid any delays and guarantee that even before a Module begins, learners already have the necessary materials in their hands.


Richard Branson once said: “Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision, and change.”

Our 2020 journey has been both interesting and enlightening. But it’s only made us more committed to remain agile even in the midst of unpredictable change. Rain or shine, virtual or livewe look forward to continuing our mission of delivering the highest level of industry-driven education, resources, and career services to our students through the lens of engaged and personalized learning. 

Divergence Unpacking 04


We're no strangers to delivering impact. Just as we rose to the challenge of allocating resources to meet learners' needs as they venture into this new virtual learning environment, so too will our learners deliver immediate impact to your company. Our first-class instructors are globally-recognized IT practitioners, whose real world experience at top companies empower your future employees with cutting-edge skills, confidence, and a performance driven mindset to do the job—and do it well—on day one.