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Navigating the VET TEC Pause: Choosing the Right Path for Tech Education.

Due to high demand and limited government funding, VET TEC is currently unavailable until October. This temporary pause in funding highlights the importance of exploring alternative options such as utilizing the GI Bill to pursue tech education at institutions like Divergence Academy.

For veterans considering a tech education at Divergence Academy or other institutions, the decision to wait for VET TEC funding to come back or utilize the GI Bill® can be a crucial one. Both options have their merits, and in this blog post, we will explore various factors to help you make an informed decision. While Divergence Academy accepts both VET TEC and the GI Bill®, we will analyze other considerations such as future plans, learning preferences, job prospects, and housing benefits.

Immediate Start vs. Postponing Education:

  1. Immediate Start: If you're eager to get started on your tech education journey without delay, utilizing your GI Bill® benefits at Divergence Academy allows you to commence your program immediately. This option is particularly suitable if you prefer not to put your life on pause and want to begin building your skills and knowledge right away.

  2. Postponing Education: On the other hand, if you have plans to pursue higher education full-time after completing the program at Divergence Academy, it might be wise to wait for VET TEC funding. VET TEC requires graduates to actively seek employment in the tech field for at least three years after program completion. Waiting for VET TEC would allow you to maximize the benefits when you are ready to commit to a job in the tech industry.

Learning Environment and Preferences:

  • In-Person Learning: If you find it challenging to stay focused and motivated while learning independently, attending Divergence Academy using your GI Bill® benefits can be advantageous. In-person classes provide a structured learning environment with face-to-face interactions, fostering collaboration and providing additional support from instructors and classmates.

  • Remote Learning: If you prefer a remote learning option that offers flexibility and are confident in your ability to study at your own pace, waiting for VET TEC funding might be more suitable. VET TEC often includes remote learning opportunities, which can be beneficial if you require a more flexible schedule or have other commitments that make attending in-person classes challenging.

Job Prospects and Career Goals:

  • Job Placement and Networking: Many schools will only help you with your job search if you utilize VET TEC. However, at Divergence Academy, our Career Resources are available regardless of funding method. This can be advantageous if your primary goal is to secure a tech-related job immediately after completing the program.

  • Exploring Career Paths: If you are still exploring various career paths within the tech industry and want to gain a broader foundation, using the GI Bill® allows you to choose from a range of programs at Divergence Academy. This flexibility enables you to explore different specializations and discover your true passion within the tech field.

Housing Benefits:

  • Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA): If you are seeking additional financial support for housing expenses, utilizing the GI Bill® at Divergence Academy is advantageous. Divergence has an agreement with the Sonesta Suites, a local hotel 10 minutes from campus allowing Divergence students to stay at a discounted rate (Students are of course more than welcome to find their own accommodations). 

    Another important factor to consider is that starting from August 1st, the GI Bill®'s Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) will increase, providing you with enhanced financial assistance during your tech education journey.

Choosing between waiting for VET TEC funding or using the GI Bill® to attend Divergence is a decision that requires careful consideration of your future plans, learning preferences, career goals, and financial needs. While Divergence Academy accepts both VET TEC and the GI Bill®, factors such as immediate start, learning environment, job prospects, and housing benefits can influence your decision-making process. Remember, you can always use VET TEC later to specialize further, even after utilizing the GI Bill®. Evaluate your individual circumstances and prioritize your goals to make an informed choice that aligns with your aspirations and needs.