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Embedded Diversity: How Hiring Service Members Boosts Your Workforce

Fostering a diverse and inclusive workspace is fast becoming the gold standard. Diversity matters, and more than being the socially-responsible thing to do, it’s also a critical element for success. In 2015, global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company released research that outlined how employers with a more diverse pool of talent were more likely to experience a 35% increase in their ROI compared to their industry counterparts.

But understanding the value and benefits that diversity brings to the table doesn’t always translate to a diverse workforce. For employers looking for talent informed by varying backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, there’s no better place to start looking than with our very own service members.

Hiring service members translate to a more diverse workforce

In a 2017 report shared by the Department of Defense, data shows 44% of all Americans that make up the active-duty military are from the minority group. Of these numbers, 17% are African-American, 12% are Hispanic; while the remaining percentage is a mix of Asians and other ethnicities. We’re seeing a rapid increase in these numbers today; particularly among African-Americans, who are represented consistently among enlisted personnel.

workforce diversity navy

In a previous post, we shared why we believe employers involved or utilizing tech should be excited about veteran candidates. Beyond benefiting from traits that include natural leadership and teamwork, as well as incredible work ethic; we believe that when employers hire service members, they’re actively creating opportunities to bring diversity to their own teams.

And with 20 million veteran members previously on active duty now transitioning to civilian life and participating in the labor force, there’s no shortage in skill and talent depending on your business needs.

Many military roles necessitate the use of advanced machinery and technology. And our servicemen are highly skilled in computer security, SQL, troubleshooting. They’re also familiar with various cutting edge technology and software deployed all over the world.

But beyond their ability to specialize in high-demand fields such as cybersecurity, AI, and data analytics, service members bring with them a holistic experience informed by their exposure to different perspectives, cultures, and creeds.

The link between diversity & innovation

As technology continues to impact the business landscape, today’s teams are learning to adapt to fast-paced changes. What we used to consider as “soft skills” – teamwork, adaptability to change, agility, as well as great problem-solving and communication skills – are in high demand.

This is crucial for workplaces that are looking to think out-of-the-box. We need to bring varying perspectives to the table because this helps us develop new and innovative approaches to the way we experience products and services. By cultivating a space where ideas and knowledge outside of comfort zones are welcome, we actively create opportunities for better insights.

workforce diversity military

Interacting with colleagues and coworkers that reflect the diverse make-up of America isn’t unusual for service members. The military is made up of people from various geographic and ethnic backgrounds, genders, belief systems, and economic status. As a result, collaborating with a range of individuals to achieve a shared goal is second nature; whether it’s coming up with solutions to solve problems or identifying roadblocks and experimenting with new ways to get the job done

In effect, by hiring former service members, your business not only benefits from hard-working, ethical employees with the capacity for self-leadership. You’re also bolstering a company culture that acknowledges each other’s differences to create an environment that’s accessible and inclusive. And that’s an environment where employees from different backgrounds can expect opportunities for personal development and professional growth.

To paraphrase the words of Steven Covey: “our strength is in our differences.”

If you’re looking for talent that gives your company an edge, look no further than veteran candidates. Active duty and veteran military are firm believers in process and innovation technology. This makes them ideal top-level IT elites. 

At Divergence Academy, we consider it our mission to provide opportunities for our service members, so they can develop their skills and talents and transition well into the civilian sector. From Cyber, Cloud, Data, and AI, our immersive programs are geared to transforming them into the very best the industry has to offer.

Diversify your company’s workforce and skills pool by hiring one of our veteran members. Learn more about how we can help match your business with the talent you need.