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Why Tech Should Be Excited About Veteran Candidates

With digital transformation driving global business, it’s become clear that tech companies are here to stay. That means that recruitment and jobs in the tech industry continue to grow, but with a global shortage of employees in tech, many recruitment consultants and talent acquisition managers have to think outside the box to fill crucial seats. To address the need, recruiters have found that veteran service members can be some of the best candidates that they can find.

Trained with strong leadership skills and a goal-oriented mindset, veterans are big believers in a system. They appreciate and respect the process of how things work and will adopt processes as their own. In fact, tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Cisco have committed to getting veterans employed. These industry leaders believe that veterans are the right candidates and rightly so. But why should everyone else be excited? Let’s find out. 

Natural Leadership and Teamwork

Veterans have all of the best leadership traits. These include being a motivational figure for those around them and the capacity to also make big decisions for the greater good, even when faced with a lot of pressure.

And while they are trained to think like a leader, veterans are also fantastic at working as part of a team and will motivate the rest of the team to work together to reach a common goal or target. If you’re a talent acquisition manager recruiting for a tech company, can you think of anything better?

Incredible Work Ethic

Veterans have an incredible work ethic, and they don’t stop until the job is finished. In addition to that, they also ensure that they do their work to the highest standards.

When it comes to veterans, they give 110% all day, every day and will never let you down. Hiring a veteran in tech ensures jobs or tasks will be completed each and every day.


Due to their previous military background, veterans are one of the most driven groups of people a talent acquisitions manager can find.

Recruiting a veteran to take over on a job will lead to great things because they’re driven by accomplishment. In the military you’re trained to focus solely on achieving your goals and completing your mission. That’s a skill that veterans can directly translate into the tech workplace.

Loyal to Responsibilities 

If there’s one thing that’s stronger than a veteran’s work ethic, it’s their sense of loyalty to their responsibilities. These individuals take responsibilities very seriously and a side effect of this is that an employer will never have to worry about them not turning up for work or slacking off on their daily tasks.

Veterans will always be there when they’re needed and won’t leave until their job is done. If you are recruiting for a tech position, this should be music to your ears. 

Tax Credits 

As well as all of the character traits that make them key assets to a company, hiring veterans can also be a big help financially.

A company that hires either a short or long-term unemployed veteran can receive a Returning Heroes tax credit. If a veteran with a service-related disability is hired then the company can be eligible for a Wounded Warriors tax credit. Both of these tax credits can help the company save up to $9,600 on employee salaries. 

Veterans can be some of the best assets a company can have, and they should not be overlooked when it comes to recruitment, especially in the tech industry. As individuals who are focused, super smart, driven, and take enormous pride in their work could you think of anything better for the kind of talent you’re including in your workforce?

At Divergence Academy, we are on a mission to place veterans into the emerging tech roles of today - cyber, cloud, AI, and data science.

Unlike other firms, agencies, or portals, there’s no charge to you or our candidates for our talent placement services. Zero fee required.


Our veteran learners have completed immersive programs taught by seasoned industry professionals and many are in the process of certifying for a CompTIA Cybersecurity or Infrastructure Career Path. Self-motivated, trained-up, and ready to hit the ground running, we believe that they can be the asset your company needs to deliver immediate impact.

We’d love to know how we can help your business match our talent with your talent needs. Speak to our Placement Services Team to learn more about our pool of veteran and military talent.