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The Most In-Demand, Sustainable Jobs in Tech

The job sector is not what it used to be. Because of this, businesses are learning to adjust the way they operate – this includes the kind of manpower they need. Scroll through any job board you’ll find roles in high demand even if these barely existed ten years ago. Many of them have to do with tech.

In recent years, people have sought more digital solutions for their wants and needs. We welcomed artificial intelligence into our lives in the form of smart assistants. In 2020 alone, the internet allowed remote work and online learning to become global conversation topics.

Because of this, people require greater security, better privacy, and more control over gadgets and digital lifestyles. As a result, the tech sector experienced a boom as companies rose up to meet all these demands.

The evolution didn’t stop there. Today, technology overlaps with other business sectors to create new industries: fintech, medtech, edtech, proptech, and many others. These sectors come up with new visions and ideas for products and services, just by adding tech into the mix.

The possibilities are endless – and so too is the need for specialists to do the work. Tech is the future in action, which means there’s no job more future-ready than one in tech. Below, we’ll take a look at some roles with a demand that we don’t see wavering soon.

What are the most in-demand and sustainable roles in tech?

in-demand and sustainable roles in tech


Cloud architecture

Many large and small companies rely on specialized cloud computing strategies for their internet apps or data storage services. Cloud architects develop and oversee these strategies, build or deploy relevant applications, and track activity to keep the cloud running and secure.

Employers look for a mix of technical and soft skills, since the job requires a mix of information technology and strategy. They look for knowledge of programming languages, cloud infrastructure, and application program interface (API) management systems.

Data science and engineering

In simple terms, data science is the study of data, including ways of recording, storing, processing and analyzing data to transform into useful information. Data engineers design and build those very systems necessary to transform data into insights.

Aspiring data specialists will need to build broad skill sets, since their exact role varies between companies and industries. In general, they expect a mastery of math and statistics, algorithms, research, and data storytelling.

Software development and engineering

Almost all modern services are expected to have a digital or online component – this is why software developers and engineers are a necessity. Many specialties exist, each one very different in practice: web, mobile app, full-stack, just to name a few. What these roles have in common is their rapid growth in the job market.

For as long as people want to stay digital, developer skills will remain crucial. To get started in this line of work, you want to have command of at least one or two programming languages, databases, and data structures.

Information security or cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals go by a slightly mischievous moniker: ethical hackers. Rather than spread malicious activity, they proactively find and resolve flaws in their system to prevent others from doing so. This role is expected to continue to grow in demand and importance every year until 2022.

Ethical hackers need to be masters of various programming languages, to know their way around the latest security tools, to be experts at proper internet research, and be topnotch problem-solvers.

Artificial intelligence architecture or design

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly important feature in modern innovations. It’s the top emerging job of 2020, according to LinkedIn. As businesses and individuals embrace AI-enabled products and services, companies are pressured to stay ahead by having an AI specialist onboard.

What the role needs is a deep knowledge of machine learning, natural language processing, computer science, data science or analytics, AI integration and AI application programming.

The future is emerging, and it has room for everyone

The world of tech may seem intimidating and difficult to break into if you’re only picturing tech geniuses and inventors as depicted in pop culture. But with solutions like accelerated learning and industry certifications, the barrier to entry of tech is gradually getting lower.

With enough confidence and the right mentorship, anyone can kickstart an exciting, innovative and fast-paced career in emerging technology.

Divergence Academy courses focus on landing you an in-demand career in tech fields. With hands-on experience, tailored learning and flexible learning formats, it’s our mission to equip you with foundational skills for the world of tech. Learn more about our career-ready tech courses or talk to a member of our team!